From One Tree Hugger …

by Jan on April 22, 2011

“He who plants a tree
Plants a hope.”

- Lucy Larcom, “Plant a Tree”

Some of my happiest memories as a young child are of being driven on country roads. There, laying in the back seat of my parent’s car, my head twisted so I could look backwards, I watched a canopy of trees behind me, their limbs stretching out over the road.

I wondered if the trees wanted to touch each other. I loved the way the sunlight glimmered through their green leaves, waving “hello and goodbye” to me. Yes, it was childlike, and it was a bit of a dream. But as I said, it is such a happy memory.

It felt so safe and quiet back there, as though I was passing through the world with ease. You can call me an early tree lover, tree hugger or just a lover of nature. I have always had a fascination with trees.

But with a busy life and many interruptions, I sometimes forget how much intention is necessary to keep and renew the trees and care for the earth.

… to A World of Tree Huggers
Earth Day
is a reminder to do just that. It is a time set aside to honor the conservation movement, which is devoted to sustaining a healthy earth and its inhabitants.

A Billion Acts of Green is a campaign run by the Earth Day Network. Included in this campaign, every tree planted in 2011 as part of Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project will be counted in its Billion Acts of Green and will be pledged towards a worldwide tree-planting initiative. Millions of trees will be planted where they are most needed such as Haiti, Brazil, Mexico and urban areas of the United States.

With each tree planted new HOPE begins.

I am making my contribution today. You might consider making one as well.