There is Hope in Egypt

by Jan on February 14, 2011

“Democracy rests on a vision. And all visions require hope.”
- Arjun Appardurai, Social and Cultural Anthropologist

I have been riveted to the news of the protests and overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Opportunity and HOPE are at the root of this revolution. With one voice, the majority of Egyptians stood up and said “enough” because they hoped for a better life, without the oppression they have experienced.

What does Egypt’s revolution have to do with me?
The Egyptian people’s actions are astonishing. Their courage, combined with a profound desire for change has unleashed a determination to right the wrongs of their government without violence by the protesters. They demanded to have the rights every human wants – freedom from oppression. They stood up and shouted “NO MORE!” just as Martin Luther King Jr. did here in the USA and Gandhi did in India.

Enough is enough
Have you ever shouted, “enough is enough!?” When I have, I know that the ground shakes and change happens, but not always immediately. In Egypt, the ground swell took time, but when it did finally reach critical mass, it was heard – around the world.

This demand for change is different than wistfully wishing for change. Something happens deep within our hearts when we decide to take a stand by saying “I have had enough.”

With this powerful pronouncement of ENOUGH, they said they are willing to take the big risks in life. Hearts and minds shift when we are no longer willing to accept “less than” what we are worth – when we desire something better. It changes our lives. It is taking the first step to a new more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Did HOPE start Egypt’s revolution?
I do believe it was HOPE, with capital letters – something all of us have access to when we are ready for change. I recently heard someone describing what he felt at Tahrir Square – that the Egyptian people have a new hope, which led to their newfound confidence and dignity. This is true for all human beings who take the risk of standing up and saying YES to change.

Yes to HOPE
The Egyptian people, by the millions, are saying yes to hope. Maybe it is time for all of us to renew our connection to the emotion of hope once again.

•  Have you said “enough” firmly and deliberately?
•  Did your life change?
•  What, if anything, do you want to change?

Please let me know.