Taking stock

by Jan on March 3, 2012

Dearest readers of Hope on Hope. We’ve recently reached some milestones that would have seemed pretty lofty when this journey began almost exactly one year ago. In that time we’ve created 136 posts illuminating many diverse aspects of hope. We’re creating more of our own, original content including some new videos that help us better tell the true stories of real Heroes on Hope.

Our content must be resonating as we’ve attracted thousands of readers to the blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Who could have imagined reaching people from places as diverse as Egypt, India, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. Hope really is a universal concept.

We’re honored and humbled by the hundreds of inspired bloggers, Facebook and Twitter users who’ve helped share our message over this year. This really is a community of hope.

I sincerely hope my team of collaborators and I have provided you with some useful insight or inspiration over the last 12-months. I can honestly say that building this has been inspirational and fulfilling for me.

I often write about the value of stepping out of day-to-day routines to open our minds and gain perspective. Well, I’m going to do just that for a few weeks. Hope on Hope will be on hiatus while I take stock, recharge and ponder the next chapter of this fascinating journey. In the meantime please continue to share the inspiration of hope. Also feel free to share your ideas for the future of Hope on Hope in the comments below.