And now for something completely different.

by Jan on February 9, 2012

Our first Heroes on Hope profile took us to the battlefront of pediatric cancer.  Today, we’re visiting a well-manicured vineyard on Long Island.  That leap may sound preposterous but the relevance to hope is real.

In our Dr. Burke story we saw the dramatic hope of life and death in the cancer ward.  There’s another kind of hope that’s less dramatic but potentially even more powerful – the long-term hope required to pursue one’s dream.

Our next Hero on Hope started out a man of modest means, driving a newspaper delivery truck in New York City.  Who knew he would end up the owner of a successful winery in the country?  Certainly there was no one back in the city telling him he could do this.  Sam did it by following his passion and sticking with it.  I think we can all learn a little from this special man.

Visit the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard website here.