Risky imagination.

by Jan on January 6, 2012

“What you risk reveals what you value.”
~ Jeanette Winterson

Imagine the shiny glassed side of a sky scraper becoming a dance floor…
Or the majestic cliffs of Yosemite as the back drop for exquisite choreography….
Imagine a dancer who didn’t have to worry about gravity….

All you have to do is imagine it.
And it can happen.
And that’s what Bandaloop did.

Bandaloop, a modern dance group, has been performing dances on skyscrapers and or cliffs all over the world. Secured with belts and wires, they appear to be weightless (and fearless) giving them a freedom of movement that almost seems like flying — with no limits in height or space. What we’re left with is the shear beauty of the dance. Watching them is awe inspiring and shifts our perception of things and what even seems possible.

Does risk does equal change?

Sometimes we don’t act because we are afraid. We think, sometimes, that those who do act are unafraid, and we wait for that moment when we will be fear-less. But that is an illusion. When we can imagine a good outcome it gives us the courage to act in the face of fear. It calls upon a part of us that doesn’t have fear, we call that part HOPE. Hope is the part that says, “Why not?!”

That doesn’t mean that we should take unnecessary risks, caution is always the better part of valor, but there are times when risking does reveal the better part of us. The kind of risk that does this is when we use a great deal of imagination and creativity. It is this kind of risk — when we throw it all in for the possibility that our big dream will work out — that shows who we really are.

Dream big!

Dancing on the side of a skyscraper or in Yosemite is a big risk — and Bandaloop does just that. And taking that risk creates something awe inspiring.

Sometimes our dreams scare us. When we stand at the precipice, facing both great risk and the possible fulfillment of our dreams, it is the latter that often has us back away. “Will I be able to handle it?” “Who am I to think that this dream could really happen to me?”

Bandaloop manages the risk by using rigging to keep them safe. Our risk management includes relying on our families, our communities, our friends to make it safe enough for us to risk big, to dance and imagine and dream.

Make no little plans, aim for the stars. *

Imagination has no bounds, whether literally like these dancers, or believing in the impossible, you just have to imagine it. Imagination is the vessel where hope lives. And it takes being fearless and taking risks, or even just putting that vessel in an unexpected setting that will take you and imagination to new heights.

Now go fly.

* From the 1945 movie Roughly Speaking, with Rosiland Russell.

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I’ve put myself outside of my comfort zone many times in my life – relied on my imagination, my resilience, my curiosity, and my courage to carry me through. Leaving employment behind was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve never regretted it, or any other boundary I’ve walked through. More and more of us are doing just this, demonstrating that it’s not as scary as you think it’ll be.
Thanks for your comment over on A Hopeful Sign! Hope to see you around my blog, too :) Happy New Year!

by Kellie Brooks on January 10, 2012 at 5:55 pm. #