Get lost?!

by Jan on December 26, 2011

This turtle is determined! He is a symbol of the will to survive and to keep on going even when you don’t know where you’re going!

What is obvious at the end of of this video is that much was done to prove that saving a life, of even a sea turtle, is to act nobly: with hope and imagination, ingenuity and unhesitating resolve to rise above the everyday; even when it seems unreasonable (crazy). It is noble and hopeful to aspire to greater things.

Here is the story.

“Johnny Vasco de Gama,” a very rare sea turtle, with a very fancy name, was lost most of his life, but he has now “found” his way home — thanks to a group of committed rescuers.

Early in his life Johnny Vasco de Gama wandered off from his natural habitat in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and made his way all the way across the Atlantic to the chilly waters off the coast of the Netherlands.

When he was found, nearly dead from the cold, he was brought to Portugal and slowly nurtured back to health. Early in December, 2011, he was airlifted back to his natural habitat off the coast of Florida. Warm waters again!

It is easy to identify with “Johnny” the turtle–we humans, on the journey of life, sometimes realize that we are lost in the unknown. For many of us, we feel vulnerable when we’re lost and we may just want to give up. Lacking a map and certain navigation — steering into the unknown — can be scary. Some of us can’t imagine going outside our comfort zone to risk not knowing where we are or where we are going.

The Art of Getting Lost

One friend thrives on what she calls the “art of getting lost.” It gives her access to hidden worlds, yields treasures and surprise encounters. She might not know where she is going, but she finds thrill in the journey.

Sometimes it takes getting lost to be found.

Sometimes getting lost is the fastest way to discover new worlds.

Sometimes we have to get lost to discover how resilient we are.

Dare I say “GET LOST!