“I’m the happiest man in the world”

by Jan on November 22, 2011

Jim Henry on CNN

Jim Henry talks to CNN about learning to read at 96.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” ~ Frederick Douglas

Almost 99, Jim Henry is vibrantly alive and still going strong. Illiterate until 96, when he first learned to read, he has now written a book!

He never admitted that he could not read or write. Even his family did not know.

I began to wonder how many of us have a secret desire that we have never found a way to realize. Something that seems impossible, or as if it’s never going to happen for us.

We often think that we are too old or past our prime to learn something new or accomplish our dreams, no matter what our age. Our dreams just lie and wait until the opportunity arises — unless we do something about them.

All of his life Jim Henry dreamed of being a person who can read. Once he began to share with others that he could not read, he was encouraged to see it was possible to read. After that he never gave up working toward his dream, and now he is autographing his book!

The lesson from Jim is: it is never too late. Follow your dream no matter how small or big.

As I talked about it with my friend this morning, I realized that I really do want to live in Italy for a year, and she wants to learn French.

What’s your dream?