Say “yes”!

by Jan on October 27, 2011

I don’t always read the newspaper, but on Tuesday morning something really caught my eye. A little story about one of our local judges and dying man’s wish to be married to his partner of many years. It’s so heartwarming it actually made the New York Times.

The story is of a kindness remembered. A simple act, writing an order for marriage, that changed not only the lives of the couple, but also had a lasting impact on Judge Zimmerman himself.

What struck me about the story is that in the thousands of orders he wrote in his life as a judge, this one was memorable for him.

Yet more proof that it is the small acts in life that make all the difference. It was his simple “yes” after a string of 16 “nos” that seven years later is touching the lives of the many who read about it.

How often do we close things off by the simple act of saying “no”? How often does our “yes” make a difference for another, and open our own lives to new things as well?

We all have an automatic reaction, for some it is a “no” and for people like me, it is a “yes”.  Believe me, that “yes” gets me in trouble some times, but it leads to a very rich life full of experiences and sometimes a random act of kindness that touches another.

Say “yes” to something today.