Kiss and tell

by Jan on October 23, 2011

The Smooch! Project website has thousands of images of people giving and getting smooches. What do smooches have to do with hope? I don’t think we ever get enough lovin’, there’s always room for more.

A friend of mine was part of a spontaneous Smooch Project. Mortified by even a friendly social kiss, her friend had every guy at his party lay one on her. Well! It took her by surprise, but pretty soon she really started to like it, thinking, “THIS is REALLY GREAT.” She felt beautiful and wanted. The smooches worked. She finally allowed herself to be admired, and even loved.

Sometimes it’s easier to give than it is to receive — gracefully. Receiving compliments, admiration, affection is one way to build hope.

Let a smooch brighten your day.

The Smooch! Project Sammy luvs Alex

Sammy luvs Alex © 2009 Bonnie Fournier, The Smooch! Project