Beauty in transitions

by Jan on October 3, 2011

Here is the way life looks to me today.

I see hope in beauty.
I see beauty everywhere.
I see hope everywhere.

I see hope in the beauty of fall colors.  The yellows and reds are hard to take for granted–even though it’s a simple chemical reaction–it seems magical.

I see hope from my window; the tallest church spire in our state majestically rises to the sky.  This is the work of men inspired to create divine beauty.

From the same window I often see happy brides and grooms and their families at the church steps after the wedding ceremony–gathered to honor the couple.  All hoping they have a long and happy life together.

I saw hope yesterday as 9000 people ran past my window in the Twin Cities Marathon. Like the leaves, they were all wearing different colors and every one of those runners had hope. One woman, 85 years old, took 8 hours to finish the race—but finish she did. She never gave up her hope.

I saw hope this week at a pediatric hospital where doctors and nurses are dedicated to the art of healing.  A gifted doctor shared that his job is not only medical treatments but to bring comfort to the patient and their families. They do their best at every moment to heal in the safest and most compassionate way. Comfort brings hope.

I saw hope on the front page of our newspaper. A story about a girl’s dream to play football, but she never got the chance. Now as a young woman she’s an assistant high-school coach at her alma mater.  Through hard work and determination, her dream came true. She never gave up.

Autumn shows us that transitions are inevitable and can be beautiful.