Fall cleaning.

by Jan on September 23, 2011

“In times like these, it’s good to remember that there have always been ‘times like these.’ You can get through this better and stronger, and more able to live life victoriously.” – Paul Harvey

To clean out our closet and let go of the clutter takes work and time.  Once it is reorganized it feels good.  It is as if something “big” has changed.  With less clutter there seems to be a more air and light.  I can breathe more freely.  And, of course, it is more functional.

Letting go of the “brain clutter” of worry and struggle is something I am always working on.  More air, light and function can come into my life by letting go of the parts that don’t work anymore.

I’ve had to let go of some very big things.  One is that I have stopped worrying my health.  You see I had breast cancer twice, and as you might imagine, even though I pretended I was not worried, I really was.  Letting go of the worry, stress, struggle and anxiety of relapses had to be done.  

It seems we humans are hard-wired to worry about the future.  By learning how to overcome that reflex, I’ve learned to live in hope.

So I learned to live each day fully, to look for the best in each moment and plan fun and good times as often as possible.

I learned to cherish life in a new way.  Now I live life with hope.

It’s not what happens to us, but what we make of it that makes the difference.  We cannot control the wind, but we can learn how to sail better.

So Never Give Up

Hope. Daydream. Explore possibilities.

And fire-up you mental dust buster today.


What an inspiring post,Janice. Your story and message of hope and never giving up resonate with me as I’m sure it does with many others. Hope matters and we are all enriched when we share our stories. I’m so happy I found you!

by Kathleen Pooler on September 24, 2011 at 8:01 pm. #

Thank you for your kind words. It looks as though we are both believers in the power of hope. I took a look at your site, and found your message resonates with me as well. I’m happy that you found me, too.


by Janice on September 26, 2011 at 5:02 pm. #