Hunger for Hope

by Linda on August 1, 2011

Since I began following HopeOnHope a few months ago, I realize how important hope is in my life. Not only is it important, its impact has become prevalent in my mind and in my everyday actions. I’m also seeing it more in others.

This week I was fortunate to be at Gleaner’s Food Bank in Indianapolis. I’m working on initiatives through Taste of the NFL to help raise money for Gleaner’s and other food banks throughout the country. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through their main door and there was a single piece of beautiful artwork hanging on the wall. It simply read…HOPE.

I could go on an on about how Gleaner’s and it sister food banks nationwide spark hope within people. In some cases, the hope these groups give literally keeps people alive each day. Not just by feeding them, but by helping them take action to surpass unfortunate circumstances.

Whether your personal causes revolve around hunger issues, fighting cancer, environmental concerns or any one of the many worthy initiatives out there, the key question is this – What will you do today to help spark hope in yourself and those around you?