The sweetest truth

by Jan on July 15, 2011

“Here‘s to something more powerful than chocolate.  HOPE.”

(Dove candy wrapper)

“Here, give this to Jan.  She’ll know what to do with it.”

Kris’s friend sent me a message via an empty wrapper from a Dove chocolate candy. I looked at it, and at first was not impressed.

You see, I know what to do with a single piece of Dove chocolate. Yummy.  But an empty wrapper?  What do I do with that?  Until I realized what a valuable lesson it contained.

Chocolate is one of the most craved substances on Earth.  Its lure is powerful.  It is delicious, seductive, an aphrodisiac. It soothes the soul. It tempers mood swings. It adds a satisfying sweetness to life. It’s good for the brain and for longevity. And tastes pretty good, too.

It is a hugely traded commodity–an economic powerhouse.  The livelihood of nearly 50 million people around the world depends on chocolate.

Hope is all of this, and more. The marketer’s of Dove bars know this, and they want you to know it, too.

Hope is an irresistible force for good. Just like chocolate, we can count on HOPE to bring sweetness to life, to sooth our soul, to stimulate our brain. It is a powerful component of creativity, compassion, and healing.

Hope can improve every life situation:

Those who have found a way to tap into this “human spark,” hope, have been proven to enjoy better health;
People who are hopeful often have a higher income, and are more productive at work;
Hope brings a richness and fineness to relationships, it smoothes out the rough spots and adds life to the dream of the future;
A deep sense of hope can lead to a more peaceful, fulfilling life.

Hope is not a pill or a potion that anyone can give us, though.  It is what we do each day, moment by moment, with each choice that creates the environment for hope to thrive.

And hope is an entirely guilt-free experience.

And isn’t that what we really all want?