A Talisman of Hope

by Jan on February 16, 2011

“Traveler, there is no path, paths are made by walking.”
– Spanish Proverb

Of the many adventures I had when I first divorced, one in particular had great meaning. I met a friend that started me on the road to self-discovery.

My friend Pope invited me to his family’s summer “compound,” a series of small cabins on the Leland Peninsula in Upper Michigan. It is a beautiful area, originally the home of the Ottawa tribe of Native Americans.

Pope stayed in his grandfather’s tiny cabin, and I stayed in the main lodge. The first evening was cool – not even a roaring fire could take the chill from the lodge. While Pope tended fire in the cabin, I went back to the lodge for a sweater. As I entered the bedroom that I left only minutes before, I was astonished by what I found waiting for me.

The white feather
A long white feather sat in the center of the well-worn wooden floor. It looked as if it had floated gently from the ceiling, landing gracefully in a spot that could be seen easily.

How did it get there? What did it mean? I picked it up and brought it out to my friend. He too, was intrigued. Together we went back into the bedroom to see where it might have come from, but there was no answer.

The next morning, Pope called an old Native American friend and explained the strange appearance of a white feather in the bedroom. I picked up the phone to describe what happened, and when I finished the man asked his only question.

“Did you pick it up?” He asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

He then went on to explain, “Finding a white feather, where there is not a good explanation for it being there, means that when you pick it up, your destiny has changed and you are on a new path in life.”

A new path
Picking up the white feather did mean a new path for me – a winding one, but a much better path. As the Spanish proverb states, I created my own path by each choice that I made. I carried that feather for years in my agenda book, and just knowing it was there felt good to me.

It was a talisman of hope for me. Every time I took it out to see it and touch it, I knew it was there for me whenever I needed it. It was proof that hope exists for all of us.

Have you found your talisman?

•  Is it possible you have already found your own talisman?
•  Do you carry it with you, to dispel the doubts and negativity away?

A talisman can be anything you choose it to be – a ribbon, a fortune from a Chinese cookie, anything that keeps the spirit alive that hope is only a breath away.