Advice Worth its Weight in Gold

by admin on June 13, 2011

“The value of a book is measured by what you can carry away from it.” ~James Bryce

Have you, by chance, read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist? When I discovered this iconic novel is approaching its twenty-year anniversary, I decided to dust off my own dog-eared copy and give it a fresh read. I’m so happy I did.

The story itself revolves around a young Spanish shepherd who, one night, dreams of a treasure in a distant land and decides to achieve his “personal legend” by finding that treasure, no matter what it takes. The book is filled with all kinds of wonderful truths, such as “The secret of life is to fall seven times and get up eight times,” and “When you want something bad enough, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

It’s beautifully written but, admittedly, I’m not writing this post to enlighten you on the book’s plot.

Instead, I’m writing to invite you to revisit something in your own life that has made a big impression on you at some time or another. Maybe it’s a book. Or a piece of art. Maybe it’s even a person, or a place. Whatever it is, I invite you seek it out sometime this week.

Why? Because, all too often, the positive influences in our lives fade away when we set them aside and move on to the next thing.

But by returning to them now and then, we give them a chance to anchor in our hearts and minds, and we give them a shot at making a permanent home there.

It’s just one more way we can cultivate hope.